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Aug 3 update

What God will yet do
Perhaps you’re anxious for what the future may hold. Perhaps you’ve woken up tired, just as I have.

David Powlison, one of my counseling professors, wrote, “The central promise of the Bible to fearful people is that ‘I am with you.’ Do not fear is a command that doesn’t come with a warning (like the Ten Commandments); it comes with a promise of God’s help and presence.”

And yet, it’s hard to feel God’s presence in the midst of fear. How can I move past fear into trust, from anxiety about the future to hopeful excitement of the future?

My mind has a knack of moving faster and traveling farther than my heart. In a city that is 90% lived and 10% processed, slowing down and meditating doesn’t come easy, let alone naturally.

But, I find that when I do reflect on my past, when I recall instances of failure, of fatigue, of loss, my heart closes the distance with my mind. Surprisingly, when I walk backwards, I’m also moving forward. Maybe it’s true for you as well.

But I can’t stay in the past. There is a glorious future that is before me, beset with its own heartache and cheer. When I begin to daydream, when my imagination begins to travel beyond its boundaries, I’m entering into a realm of hope. A realm of possibility and excitement, one with Christ dwelling with me, the joys found sitting at his feet, comparing scar tissue, laughing at my most embarrassing moments (of course, he’s laughing with me, not at me).

Christians have a hope that is stubborn against misery. We refuse to give up because Christ lives. We may be profoundly disappointed when things don’t work out but our resilience is not forged through genetics, upbringing, or our bank statements. Our resilience is an ever flowing IV line, one that is connected spiritually to us, supplying us with what we need, when we need it.

Indeed, his mercies are new every morning. To our fears, God responds, “I am with you.”

God’s promise, Emmanuel, God with us, is just as true today as it was 2000+ years ago.

In Christ, 

Joe Moon


Since March, the normal rhythms of our church life as a Redeemer West Side family have been dramatically altered due to COVID-19. Yet through this season the Spirit has been at work in and through us, and as a church we remain as committed to our vision as ever. As we approach the fall and a new ministry year, we are prayerfully preparing for how we can best serve you and love our neighbors as a church family. And we need your help!

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West Side Disaster Relief Fund available: For those in our West Side community who have been financially impacted due to job loss during the COVID-19 pandemic, the church has been generous in donating to this fund to care for you! We have also set aside some of these funds to specifically help our healthcare workers who may have experienced unexpected financial stress.

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