Redeemer West Side Update

Over the next few weeks we'll be hearing from different members of the staff about what they've learned over the past year. This week, our guest writer is Paul Yoo.

This has been a year of learning to lament. We have all had to become too familiar with the rhythms and language of lament. Despite whatever optimism we may naturally possess, the past year has sharply reminded us how broken this world is and how far we are from what we want this life to be. We have lamented the loss of those we love; jobs lost and careers derailed; the loss of connection and community. We have lamented over the way different people in our world are seen and treated, particularly when those people look like us or the people we love. We have lamented over the divisions in our country and the fault lines in the broader church. Wave after wave of lament has crashed onto the shores of our lives.

And yet, in an unexpected way, this season of lament may be the soil in which a deeper and more tenacious hope is birthed. “Somehow brooding over the tragic state… stirs us to seek their restoration. Is this not what drives Christians to intercessory prayer?” (Dale Ralph Davis, 2 Samuel) Somehow, sitting in the depths of lament can stir our hearts to ever more fiercely cry out to the Lord for restoration.

This past year has dashed some of my earthly hopes while instilling a deeper hope in the Lord and what only he can do. I long to see sickness and death be no more. I long to see the deep wounds and divisions healed. I long for the invisible and the voiceless to be seen and heard. And as I have been sitting in the lament and the longing, I feel a stirring in my heart to commit myself more steadfastly to prayer – to cry out for all that is broken to be healed, for all that is wrong to be made right.

If this past year will have taught us to lament and hope more deeply, we will have been brought nearer to the spirit of Jesus, who wept over Jerusalem and, only a few days later, gave his life for them in hope of restoration.

In Christ,

Paul Yoo
Pastor of Mercy & Justice


A Conversation on Asian-Black Racism with Jordan Rice and Abe Cho
Wednesday, April 7 | 8-9 pm

Our friends at Redeemer East Side are holding an important conversation this week. Join Pastors Jordan Rice (Renaissance Church) and Abe Cho (Redeemer East Side) for a frank conversation between two friends about the racial tensions that exist between Black and Asian communities that often goes unaddressed, and how the gospel and the church are uniquely powerful resources for genuine truth, repentance, healing and reconciliation.

Join Zoom Meeting on Wednesday evening
Or dial: (646) 558-8656 with Meeting ID: 889 5186 2294 and Passcode: 066236


Christianity for the Spiritually Curious

For many this past year, routines and working answers to life have been disrupted. Often times this opens the door to new spiritual searching. If you’re not a Christian or are on the fence, and are curious about Christianity, we invite you into a conversation! This will be a time for considering Jesus and the faith for our lives from biblical sources.

If you’re part of Redeemer West Side, please pass this along to your friends and family. You’re also welcome to join friends you’ve invited to these sessions.

Register or share this link:

Register for April 11 service: If you'd like to attend the next worship service in person, you can now register! Please follow all safety protocols when you arrive and follow the directions of staff and volunteers. Registration will close Saturday at 12 pm ET.

View the current Gallery at W83 exhibit "Breakdown": This solo exhibit by Misato Pang highlights events and moments from the past year that are captured by the works Pang created in the studio and a collection of voice memos and audio recordings made on the artist's mobile phone, most of which reflect her struggle to fight for hope and justice for humanity while wrestling with meaning of life and implications of faith. The interweaving of hope and lament is an important nuance of this story as it encapsulates faith in seasons.

Apply for Gotham Fellowship: Next Sunday we'll hear from Gotham Alumni as they talk about their experience in Gotham. Applications are due April 30!

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