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Some say Christianity is a philosophy, others say it is an ethical stance, while still others claim it is actually an experience. None of these things really gets to the heart of the matter, however. Each is something a Christian has, but not one of them serves as a definition of what a Christian is. Christianity has at its core a transaction between a person and God. A person who becomes a Christian moves from knowing about God distantly to knowing about him directly and intimately. Christianity is knowing God.

Each week at Redeemer West Side there are a lot of ways to explore what it means to be a Christian. In addition to joining us online for Sunday worship services, you can also attend a class, visit a Community Group or sign up to serve. These are just a few of the ways you can be more deeply engaged with our West Side community.

There are also many great resources on this page which can help you learn more about what it means to be a Christian.

Christianity has at its core a transaction between a person and God.

Free Resources


Questioning Christianity Group

Questioning Christianity Groups are informal discussion groups specifically for people who are curious about Christianity. They provide a forum for people to openly and respectfully discuss foundational topics about Christianity and explore deep questions. Here you can process your questions with like-minded people and learn how the claims of Christianity relate to everyday living. Questioning Christianity Groups are geared toward people who are in process with the Christian faith. They are designed to be a respectful, moderated dialogue. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Questioning Christianity Series

Questioning Christianity is a six part series, for seekers, skeptics and those exploring Christianity. This series provides a safe and open space to explore the toughest claims of the Christian faith with friends who don’t identify with the Christian faith and are open to learning more. Each subject builds on the previous, and each is concerned with the larger question, "Does Christianity make sense emotionally, culturally and intellectually?"

View all audio files from the 2015 Questioning Christianity sessions.

Session One: Questioning Secularity
Tim Keller — January 15, 2015

Session Two: A Meaning that Suffering Cannot Remove
Tim Keller — February 5, 2015

Free Sermons

View full archive of free sermons from Redeemer.

Doubt: What should I do with my doubts?
Tim Keller — October 29, 2006

Exclusivity: How can there be just one true religion?
Tim Keller — September 24, 2006

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