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Lament and Prayer: Racism in the Time of COVID-19

Monday, April 20 | 8:30 p.m.

Zoom link Webinar ID: 995 4726 2577

Lament is one of the most common forms of prayer found in the Bible, from the Psalms to the book of Lamentations to the Prophets to Jesus Christ himself. Unfortunately, it is a form of prayer that seems to be neglected by many of us in the West as we instead turn our focus toward prayers that lead to solutions, prayers that lead to explanations, or prayers that lead to personal comfort. Prayers of lament are chances for us to commune with our Father, to cry out to him with frustration, anger, hurt, pain, and sorrow — and to ask nothing of Him other than "Please hear our cries and meet us in our grief." In the face of profound suffering and injustice, a prayer of lament brings us deeper into that suffering and injustice as we confess our own roles, our own abandonment, our own disregard. 

On April 20 we are offering space for lament. During this time of lament, we are gathering to cry out to God during this unprecedented crisis our city, country, and world face, and to specifically lament the racism and racial disparities that have grown in light of COVID-19. Our Asian brothers and sisters suffer from hate-filled attacks and speech and our African-American and Latino brothers and sisters face the grim reality that this virus is twice as deadly for their communities as for whites in New York City. So, on this evening, we join together for a guided time of prayer to lament and grieve these jarring truths as we cry out to our God in the face of these injustices.

At Redeemer, we seek to love and serve our city, not ourselves. This includes not only those who don't believe as we do, but the poor, the immigrant, the marginalized, and the other.

Grace and Race is a group within Redeemer who seek to embrace the Gospel call to redeemed relationships across ethnic/racial barriers. They do so by providing events and spaces for prayer, conversation, and the sharing of cultural goods across racial/ethnic lines.

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