Faith & Work

Redeemer West Side’s faith and work programs are dedicated to the integration of what we believe with what we do.

We spend the majority of our lives working. Yet we often experience a split between our faith lived out on Sunday and our work lived throughout the week. However, God speaks to our entire lives, including our work. Redeemer West Side sponsors the Gotham Fellowship, cultural events, and classes through the Center for Faith & Work to apply what God says to what we do, so that all Christians are equipped to live faithfully throughout their whole week.

The Gotham Fellowship
The Gotham Fellowship, Redeemer’s flagship faith and work program, is a nine-month learning community designed to broaden your understanding of and deepen your connection to God’s redemptive work by applying theology, spiritual practices, and cultural renewal to your work, your relationships, and New York City.

For more information and further resources, visit the Center for Faith & Work (CFW), our partner in connecting and equipping Christians throughout the city to do all of their work for the glory of God and the good of their neighbors. There, you will find more information on the Gotham Fellowship, CFW classes, cultural events, and online resources.

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