Robert Hampton

Operations Team Lead

Some days it’s easy, some days it’s hectic. I set up and break down for events that are weekly, like KCG and Open Door, and then also on Sunday. And I train new people.

I like this job because you can just be yourself. And I like the people that I work with. It’s like family. We talk to each other, we laugh, we joke. Sometimes it’s serious, but most of the time it’s fun. And I appreciate that I can talk with Robert and Eva about personal things, and they give me good advice. On Sundays, before we start anything or do anything, we have a prayer. We discuss certain things from the Bible, and Robert (Alemany, W83 Operations Manager) always asks us, is there anything on our mind we want to pray about? When I was younger I always thought that you had to be perfect to become a Christian and be in the church. This job is a blessing because it brought me closer to God and the Bible.