Peter Perri

Front Desk

I can honestly say each day starts with prayer, and my prayer each day as I prepare to come to work is that I would be an example of Jesus Christ, that I would be a real example of God’s love because of my contact with people. So that’s very important for me. The job is overseeing the activity that is going on, knowing what’s going on in the building, being able to communicate that to people coming in looking for events, and people walking in who have questions about religion or the church.

I think my background helps me to understand people and where they’re coming from. I worked night clubs, banks, basically hotel security for about 17 years. The last was the Mandarin Oriental.

It’s important to keep this lobby clean and presentable. As well as myself, because I am the first person that represents this building, this church, and our God. And it’s important to me to constantly be aware of that.