Middle School

What we hope

One day, for every middle school student and their families to know the grace, hope, and peace of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why we exist

To grow a Middle School community that participates in the gospel of Jesus Christ by exploring Christianity, loving others, and serving the needs of the UWS.

Our Middle School staff

Joe Moon | Youth Ministry Manager
Joe Moon was raised in Brooklyn, NY. He earned his B.A. at Stony Brook University and his M.Div at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. Recently newlywed, he and his wife Kirsty live on the Upper West Side. As Assistant Pastor and Youth Ministry Manager, Joe's hope is for every family on the Upper West Side to experience the joy, peace, and safety of the gospel.

Joe enjoys watching the Yankees and Patriots win, visiting his nieces, and, as the model husband, loves to cook and clean. On his day off you can expect him to be taking naps, catching up on the New York Times, and dreaming of moving into a bigger apartment. He is slowly gaining an interest in theatre and the arts because of his wife's involvement, and because she said so.

AmberRose Dische | Middle School Intern
AmberRose joined the West Side staff as the Youth Ministry Intern in September 2017. She helps lead and coordinate games and worship for the Friday night Youth Group meetings. She also plans special events such as movie nights and concert outings.

AmberRose earned her Master of Music Vocal Performance from Mannes, the New School for Music, in NYC. She can be found working at W83 Ministry Center on Sundays either singing or working with the ushers.

She enjoys spending her free time lounging in a rocking chair with a coffee and a book. Offer her some chocolate and she likely won’t refuse. AmberRose also loves spending time in a theater, concert hall, church or getting lost in a library or museum. Her favorite boutique on the UWS? Magpie. “It’s hard for me to go in there without coming back out with something or several somethings!”