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College Admissions Seminar

Navigating the College Admissions Process
During COVID-19

On Wednesday, May 6, 2020 Paul Celuch, founder of College Assistance Plus, led a seminar on how to navigate the complicated process of selecting, applying to and thriving in college without becoming mired in debt.

Paul shared insight and strategies on how to:

  • identify colleges that are suitable academically, socially and financially
  • minimize college cost and debt regardless of income, even if already enrolled
  • choose fitting and marketable majors and graduate with a job
  • integrate NCAA sports, academics and career selection
  • connect with college fellowships, ministries and churches
  • survive freshman year (26% of freshman students fail academically)

Paul also offered tips on how to appeal current college acceptance packages in light of COVID-19, including asking for extensions on decision dates* and reductions in tuition.

*Important news for current High School seniors or college students.
Many colleges and universities have already extended their May 1 decision deadlines to June 1. If you’d like immediate assistance and information regarding making decisions for 2020 see
here. You can also email the university asking for a 15-30 day extension. These requests are almost always accepted. This is also a window for current college students to appeal for larger scholarships.

Paul Celuch
PAUL CELUCH, CEO and Founder of College Assistance Plus

PAUL CELUCH is the CEO and Founder of College Assistance Plus which has been assisting students and their families through the entire college admissions process since 2004. College Assistance Plus is a national leader in reducing the $1.5 trillion college debt and has been featured in the New York Times, Moneywise and numerous radio talk shows and media outlets including the Dave Ramsey Show and Crown Financial Ministries.