West Side Singles

Singleness can be one of the fondest seasons of life, but it can also be one of the most challenging — particularly when it stretches on longer than expected. Independence might bring greater freedom, but it can also make the future seem fraught with uncertainty. For the 30 years Redeemer has existed, singles have made up the majority of our attenders and an invaluable part of our church. We aim to see every single person flourish in their calling, embracing their identity in Christ and engaging the culture with hope and integrity.

To that end, we offer a variety of touchpoints for singles to connect, grow and serve together.

Social Discussions | West Side Socials | Community Groups | Classes | Service Opportunities

We aim to see every single person flourish in their calling, embrace their identity in Christ and engage the culture with hope and integrity.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the events listed below are currently on hiatus. Community Groups and Classes are continuing to meet virtually. Service Opportunities are unique in this season, but information about ways to serve and give is available here.

Social Discussions

Social Discussions are monthly gatherings of our singles community for a time of teaching and conversation around a given topic. Past topics have included dating, communication, loneliness, finding your spouse and more. Whether you're single, married, divorced or engaged, everyone is welcome as we discover how we all, in community, make up the Body of Christ.

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West Side Socials

Often the best way to connect with new people isn't through a structured program, but an informal hangout. West Side Socials exist to bring people together and build community in a casual setting, usually at a local establishment like e's Bar or The Gin Mill.

Visit our calendar to find details about the next West Side Social.

Community Groups

It's hard to understate the role a Community Group can play in providing a sense of belonging inside the church. These are places to grow as disciples of Jesus by cultivating relationship with God and friendship with others. 

Groups meet at a variety of times during the week all throughout the city; many groups are co-ed, while women's and men's groups exist too.

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West Side Classes are an important resource for spiritual growth at Redeemer, whatever your stage of life. At different times throughout the year we offer classes such as: 

  • Relationships: A Mess Worth Making
  • Faith & Work
  • Power, Privilege, and Difference
  • How to Read the Bible
  • Money, the Heart, and the Head

Classes are regularly offered on Sunday afternoons and various weeknights, with some lasting several weeks in a row while others are stand-alone events. 

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Service Opportunities

One of our callings as a congregation is to love and serve our neighbors — which is why we partner with Hope for New York. Through our connection with HFNY, Redeemer West Side comes alongside people with disabilities, youth at risk, immigrants, homeless men and women, women and families in crisis and communities in need by serving and supporting various HFNY affiliate ministries.

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