WS Women's Bible Study

September 24, 2020 from 10:00 am - 11:00 am

How is this different from other Bible classes, you ask? Great question! Here are a few of the unique features of this Bible study:

  • It is just for women at RWS!
  • We will study a book of the Bible AND learn how to study the Bible
  • It will run for a set timeframe (approx. 8 weeks) each Fall and Spring
  • You have 2 days/times to choose from: a morning and evening*

In our initial launch, starting (virtually) on Thursdays mornings we will study the book of Mark. Class will consist of teaching and small group discussion sessions. We are asking our participants to attend the full series and complete a weekly assignment of reading and answering questions on the passage. Ellen Boker, Milla Nieminen and Sandi Taylor will share the teaching rotation each week.

Whether this is something you feel you could really use or if you would just relish the opportunity to study Mark with women in our church community, we hope you will join us and spread the word!

*We intend to add an evening option beginning spring of 2021

Zoom - Meeting ID and password will be provided in the class registration confirmation email

Ellen Boker

Contact Email:
[email protected]