Vision and Values

Redeemer Presbyterian Church West Side is a Christ-centered gospel community that actively participates in the Spirit’s transformation of our neighborhood, New York City and the world.

Worship the Trinity. Love our neighbors. Apply the gospel.


Culture values

As a church we carefully seek to create a culture that is:

  • Welcoming to others | We thoughtfully and sympathetically engage with those who don’t share our beliefs. We humbly welcome seekers and skeptics and honor their questions.
  • Rooted in the city | We seek to serve our neighbors regardless of whether or not they attend our church, and we cultivate deep community among those who do. We are city-positive and help the people of the West Side of Manhattan thrive.
  • Hopeful about the future | We are joyfully optimistic about the future. We are free to look ahead trusting that God’s kingdom is at work around us, and that we are hopeful about the church, our lives and the city.
  • Serving the whole city in ministry | We champion the full Redeemer Family city-positive ministries: personal conversion, community formation, social justice, and cultural renewal. We avoid a narrow definition of church ministry and balance the breadth of ministry opportunities available to us.
  • Faithful to God’s word | We are shaped and directed by God’s word and story.

A church not for ourselves

When Redeemer was started in 1989, the most common refrain was, “We don’t want to have a church for ourselves, but for people who don’t like church.” More than 20 years later, that is still the motivation behind everything we do. Although we worship using the resources of orthodox, Presbyterian tradition (rather than choosing the music or worship style that suits the leadership or the majority), we always try to keep our eyes on what would most help include the skeptical New Yorker who is trying out church for the first time.

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